Make data-driven

investment decisions

Self directed investors, use our self-service platform to:

  • discover best businesses for your investment style 
  • predict the up and down trends via Machine Learning 
  • create diversified portfolios
  • save time by focusing on the qualitative research 

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A machine learning model has been trained with quantitative data encompassing around 1000 stocks and going back decades


The model is fine-tuned regularly and statistically estimates the trend for a 3-month horizon



On average 65% success rate in predicting the up/down trend within 3 months.




from 2018-2021

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Unbiased predictions for self-directed investors

What we do

  • Screen fundamentally strong companies
  • Sort them into categories
  • Use machine learning to predict the up/down trends within the next 3 months.
  • Speak probabilities, not certainties


How to use our platform

Add your human intelligence 

Use our platform to reduce the time you spend on analyzing statistical patterns. Instead, add your human intelligence to take macro economic conditions or company specific red flags into account.


  • Upload your watch list to get predictions for the companies you are interested.
  • Discover good quality businesses sorted by their growth behaviour.


Add your investments to track performance

Since our platform is not connect to a direct brokerage service, it is a great way to test different strategies for comparison. For example, you can compare our recommendations with your own strategy.


  • Add your investments to get personalized recommendations
  • View how your portfolio is distributed based on sector and growth behaviour.
  • Compare portfolio performance against S&P 500 benchmark.

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